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Japanese breakfast

Good Morning!

    Rise & shine, i'm ready for breakfast!

The feeling of waking up to a table of sumptuous breakfast?  You can't beat that.

Are you a breakfast person? Well, I am!
[Even though i'm a (-)morning person.]

Well, according to the I-know-everything-Mr. wikipedia, apparently,
Breakfast is the first meal taken after rising from a night's sleep, most often eaten in the early morning before undertaking the day's work.Period.
Who says waking up in noon means you can't have breakfast?
So I grant you the wish of waking up late and still enjoying your beloved breakkie. 

Okok, maybe I overdone it. But I was doing justice for the (-)morning person! #uselessreasons 

 So what's your idea of breakfast?                                     
I know I know, the smell of crispy bacons and maple syrup overflowing your perfectly done pancake which was just tossed out from a pan with an extra humongous scoop of nutella/peanut butter at your own pleasure for that extra gazillion calories, two sunny side eggs with a dash of salt right on top of that runny yolks that just oozes out as you fork it without mercy,  now, lets try something different, something healthy, something asian

Have you ever tried Japanese breakfast? 

A traditional Japanese breakfast usually consist of:

Miso soup 味噌汁

Steamed riceご飯 or gohan

Natto納豆 (fermented beans)

Tamagoyaki卵焼き (grilled omelette)

a kind of fish (grilled/steamed)

Tsukemono漬物 (pickles)

   and many others depending on the person's who's making it! :)

Let me share with you a couple of my breakfast back in Japan prepared by le okaasan!

                                          You can never go wrong with natto.

 When eating natto, place it in a bowl and season with some soy sauce. Add various toppings if you would like and stir well. Place the natto on top of steamed rice and eat with rice.

Well well, some of you might go like "ewww, natto!?" or like "How could you possibly let those slimy substance be lingering in your mouth?!" and all that drama. 

Quoted from cheesie's blog that I read a longgg time ago and till now it can't stop me from laughing:

"It tastes like a bowl of raw bean (slightly gone off/bad) being frozen for years until you take it out, blow your nose and cough up thick phlegm and then proceed to spit/dribble both the bodily fluid into the bowl, mix it up well, then pass it to an eighty-year-old toothless lady (who is willing to take up this part-time natto making part-time job) to chew for a good 5 minutes, and regurgitate back into the bowl whereby it is then ready to serve.
KY also has a shorter description of it, which includes two different bodily fluids that are being discharged from two different lower-body orifices which i prefer to not talk about here. " HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
But trust me laaa, it's not that bad. Seriously, if you conquered the smell already, you can't stop asking for more. Sure, tell me you don't trust me, or you're never gonna try natto ever or simply you just can't accept it, there's one more thing that is almost as good to eat with the gohan too, which is:

Don't you think this resembles the Japanese flag? ^-^

it's like a topping for plain white rice.
Mentaiko (明太子) is the marinated roe of pollock, and cod including is a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine.

But of course, breakfast isn't always rice and all.  Sometimes, we do have a little westernize breakfast, too!

Like this:

Can you ever say no to bread? NEVER!

Because most Japanese are health conscious people, vegetables and fruits plays very important role in each meal. 
Even when you're eating a meal that's not usually served frequently, a plate of healthy greens will still appear on the table. Talking about being healthy :)

Now, embrace yourselves, fellow strawberry lovers....
these are Japan's most, amazeballs, awesome strawberries

                                                  Omg. I just can't. #stahp

Mmm I like it big. #thatswhatshesaid

Are you hating me for making you hungry with all the food pictures already?
Okay, come, i'll heal you with my shameless selfie before I continue my kiss with my prince in my dreamland. Zzz


                                                        Ok, bye!

See you on my next post! 
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