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Good day to all you flowers lover,
this post is specially made for you.

 Ikebana (生け花)is a Japanese art of flower arrangement. 
生(Ike), comes from the word ikeru(生ける), which means living, or keeping alive,  
while 花(Hana) means flower. So to put it simple, you're basically arranging the flowers to keep it alive, beautifully! But, it's not just a simple act of putting them into containers. 

"Ikebana is a disciplined art form in which nature and humanity are brought together. "Oh, how I love the Japanese

To know more about ikebana, you may want to visit:

So one morning, before my appointment with my Japanese friend, I followed Okaasan to Shin-Okubo(新大久保) to her ikebana class. There's alot of Ikebana schools around Tokyo. You might want to do a little research on the location that is the closest to your accommodation.  

During our walk to the Ikebana school, I found a Chinese restaurant with my name on it. How interesting! 

When we reached the school, I received a warm-hearted welcome by the Oba-chan(s) who were the regular students. Japanese Moms are super duper nice and friendly! You will never feel pressured because of the pleasantness they'll give you! 

I managed to capture a few pictures of the Ikebana I did!
It was my very first time, but I think I did pretty well? :P

 Each person's masterpiece is then shot with a professional camera and then shared with everyone in class through a slide-view during the end of the lesson. You will also get a hard copy of the photo for reference when you do your ikebana at home.  

I'm super bad at remembering names, so I can't remember the name of the flowers.. #guilty

After class, Okaasan and I went to a nearby restaurant for lunch. I had hamburg steak and it was 


Have you ever  tried Ikebana/ flower arrangement?
Leave some comments! 

Good luck,
Have a sweet day!

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