Saturday, May 3, 2014

Getting to know me

Hello there! 

So, before I continue to blog about stuffs, let's know more about me first!

I go by the name ‘Hachi’. But if you feel weird pronouncing it you can refer to me as Diane. I’ll still turn around to try my best to give you the sweetest smile you’ve been pondering for when you call me by either of them. J
Ok, Sorry if this smile is not up to your standard.

I’m a March baby, born in the date 23 of year 1992. Yes, it was spring. And if there is a flower that could represent me, it is no other than (Sakura) a.k.a cherry blossoms. Why? Because it's pink and blooms only in spring! Yay *Sakura showers*
 *le picture stolen from google. Oops :/*

Baby Hachi turning one! 

My family consist of 2 elder brothers, and two amazing parents. As lucky as I am, being the youngest in the family I received the most love.

  Le eldest brother who treats me like the only princess

Le second brother trying to kiss me yet got rewarded by a scratch from le violent baby Hachi.

 I can never imagine what I’ve done in my past life to be showered with such magnificent love. I probably saved the whole universe from an alien-conquering-the-earth attack. So that is why there’s so many alien rumors all over the internet. Maybe the aliens are coming back to hunt me down for a revenge. Wtf.


I’m currently an undergraduate student, studying in a university in Taipei. This is my third year majoring in foreign language. I’m a senior next semester and I really can’t wait to graduate!
I hope I could graduate in time tho...

Being born into a multi-lingual family, I can speak at least 5 languages. I speak English, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean(Ok, I admit i forgot ALOT of my Korean..) But why so many? 
Man, don't even ask for the umpteen times. 

I can read both traditional & simplified Chinese, Japanese kanji, Korean hangul, and well, English and Indonesian shares the same alphabets. 

Language level: Asian.

Now, talking about hobbies, I love singing. I used to perform so much in high school. Always had my solo stage and i just enjoyed every single moment on stage.
Ikr. So sweet!
One of the best moments in life. 

Hyuna - Change

  But now? Sigh.. I wish I had all those courage again. You know, sometimes the older you get, the confidence decreases with the age... :(  
Actually, another ugly reason is, I.grew.FAT. Yea, truth hurts. 

 Oh, last but not least, 
let me introduce our 2 super duper cute family members! 

This was taken years ago when they were still in the states. Still skinny!

After moving to a new location, these babies took a 16 hour flight to our new house and we were so worried at first that they would not be used to living in the new environment, since the weather is totally different. But, worry not my mates.....


Hachi ne-chan, help me! I can't get up because of my tummy!
Rhoda baby forever the baby gurl. 

And lastly my tiger, Le warrior, Rex, 
Always pestering me to sleep early so he could snuggle in my boobies. Lol wtf

 I have pets since I was a baby, so that explains why I'm such an animal lover! I used to have dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs. I always give my mom headaches when I come home from school with a furry baby in my arms asking "Mommy, can I sleep with this every night? *puppy eyes*" 

I just can't resist from all the furry cuties out there. When I see one, my legs go jelly and I could just scream in my highest pitch. 
Ok, to end this post, imma spam the rest of it with pictures of me and dogs. Please roll your eyes as much as you want. 

Be prepared,

You ready?

Here it goes..

I love taking pictures with stranger's dogs. I take these pics literally everywhere. Another secret reason to cuddle them dogs! >.<

Le doggies love me too much

                                                                      Ok, Bye!

Good luck,
Have a sweet day!

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Twitter: @Hachihachiko323


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